Welcome to Bakrona, Fluke Calibration's authorized representative for industrial temperature calibration in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We offer our customers a comprehensive service; from advice on new devices to revision and calibration of existing temperature calibrators and references.

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As a local representative of Fluke Calibration, we are always close to our customers. We support you wherever necessary, be it advice on new devices, repairs and rental devices in the event of a calibrator failure or if a short lead time is required for the calibration and certification of temperature references.


Bakrona has over 50 years of experience in temperature measurement and calibration. We support our customers in the phrama, biotech, medtech and food industry as well as in health care with specialist knowledge and appropriate training in temperature measurement and calibration.


Fluke Calibration is a leading manufacturer of precise calibration references and baths as well as dry block calibrators. Fluke also performs accredited calibrations including certification of references. Fluke Calibration specializes in electrical, temperature, humidity, pressure and flow measurements.


In process control environments, temperature plays an important role. Examples include controlling a sterilization process in an autoclave in pharmaceutical production, monitoring a freezer when storing biotech products, checking the temperature of an oven during a hardening process if medical products or regulating the cooking temperature in food processing.

Most production processes rely on the reliability of RTD (Pt100) temperature sensors, thermocouples and other temperature measuring devices. With the need for precise temperature measurements, it is also important to ensure that these readings are accurate and reliable.

Due to physical and thermal stress, temperature sensors and measuring devices can deviate over time from their original condition within specified tolerances; the so-called drift of a sensor. A regular check of the temperature sensors and measuring devices is necessary in order to maintain a high level of confidence in the temperature measurement.

Temperature calibration with reference thermometer

Calibrations can be carried out using various methods. The basis for any temperature calibration is a stable heat source and an accurate reference standard. A calibration bath or a dry block calibrator can be used as a heat source.

Originally, the performance of calibrations was limited to special calibration laboratories due to the size of the calibration equipment required. With the development of portable calibration baths, micro baths and dry block calibrators, precise on site temperature calibrations can be carried out successfully.

Dry block temperature calibrator

Dry-well calibrators are supplied with inserts with precisely fitting bores, which enable good contact between the heating block and the sensor under test and therefore good heat transfer to the probe to be calibrated. An accuracy of up to ±0.005 °C can be achieved in this way. With the right inserts, sensors of different lengths and designs can be calibrated with dry block calibrators.

Dry block calibrators Fluke 9142, 9143, 9144
Dry block calibrators Fluke 9170 series
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Portable calibration baths and micro baths offer even more flexibility and lower uncertainties. With a stirrer and precise control, liquid baths can achieve good homogeneity and stability, which are prerequisites for precise calibrations. Routine temperature calibrations can be automated thanks to programmable calibration baths and dry-well calibrators, which brings substantial time and cost savings.

Compact Fluke calibration baths
Portable calibration baths Fluke 6109A & 7109A
Micro calibration baths Fluke 6102, 7102 & 7103

Calibration bath for temperature calibration
Reference thermometer temperature reference

The use of temperature references improves the accuracy of the temperature calibration; an accuracy of up to ±0.005 °C can be achieved in this way. With battery-operated reference thermometers, temperature calibrations can be carried out on site. The temperature sensors and transmitters to be tested do not have to be removed, so the entire measuring chain can be calibrated.

Reference thermometer Fluke 1523 & 1524
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