Luftkeimsammler ActiveCount100H Lighthouse

ActiveCount100H Microbiological Sampler best Cleanroom Monitoring Instrumentation 2017

The portable Microbiological Sampler ActiveCount100H won the Controlled Environments Readers’ Choice Awards for the Best Cleanroom Products of the Year 2017.
This microbial sampler has both a HEPA filtered exhaust and a removable/autoclavable petri dish holder to solve cross-contamination issues.

Microbiological sampling is a key part of any environmental monitoring program in the life sciences industry. One of the challenges the industry faces with current microbiological samplers is the potential for the sampler to cross contaminate sample locations. This cross contamination is often due to a lack of filtered exhaust and challenges faced with cleaning the instruments due to its design.

ActiveCount100H with a HEPA filtered exhaust ensures that a minimum of 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 micron and larger will be filtered out prior to exiting the microbiological sampler. The patent pending removable and autoclavable petri dish holder allows for easier and more effective cleaning of the internal sampling area. This feature will save both time and reduce the potential of cross contamination between sample locations.

The system is ISO 14698 compliant with a d50 collection efficiency of 1 micron and exhaust ports designed to avoid re-aspiration of sampled air. With a 316L stainless steel enclosure, sampling head, and dust cover as well as HEPA filtered exhaust, the system will not contaminate critical environments.

An optional remote sample head minimizes disturbance of unidirectional airflow within a BSC or laminar flow bench and the compressed gas sampler provide the versatility needed to accomplish different critical sampling requirements with the same instrument.